White House told witness to say Trump 'didn't obstruct'

Former White House Counsel Don McGahn Twice Rebuffed Trump on Obstruction of Justice

Trump Denies Reports Alleging He Wanted to Fire Mueller, Slams Ex-WH Counsel

The White House has said McGahn can not turn over documents the committee seeks and prefers he not testify, reflecting Trump's strategy of resisting congressional investigations.

Beauchamp wrote that "the only reason Mueller didn't indict ... is that Trump is "covered by the Office of Legal Counsel policy against indicting a sitting president" - something Mueller believed it would be above his pay grade to contradict".

President Donald Trump responded later Sunday to Democrats' accusations of a constitutional crisis.

"But here, the Trump administration has chose to say a blanket no; no to any kind of oversight whatsoever, no witnesses, no documents, no nothing, claiming executive privilege over things that it knows there is no basis for", he said.

Democrats and some conservative critics of the president have argued that the government is now experiencing a "constitutional crisis," as the Trump administration has refused to comply with a series of subpoenas from Congress. His problem, Barr said, was more with the timing of the release of information - Mueller wanted the report released sequentially; Barr wanted to release it all at once.

In his report, Mueller said there was no evidence of a criminal conspiracy, but he didn't exonerate Trump of obstruction, leaving the decision up to Congress.

But even the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed the president's son, Donald Trump Jr.

Trump backed off that position Thursday, saying he'd leave the decision "up to our very great attorney general".

The Trump Administration is doubling down its stonewalling efforts against House Democrats, accusing them of breaking "rules and norms governing congressional oversight", adding, "The White House will not and can not comply with unlawful demands made by increasingly unhinged and politically motivated Democrats".

Senator Adam Schiff thinks the best way to get the people to talk to Congress is to fine them.

Moreover, said Nettles, Trump now claims the Mueller report exonerated - or cleared - him, but he and members of his administration are resisting Mueller-related subpoenas to testify before Congress. "This is absurd, and the American people know it".

"President Donald Trump is ratcheting up pressure on the pharmaceutical sector to lower costs and announcing a new attempt to finish" surprise medical bills" for patients who have health insurance. No one, including Chairman Nadler and his committee, will force the Department of Justice to break the law'. Mueller used grand juries to get subpoenas and search warrants in addition to the indictments he handed down.

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