Thai King crowned in Grand Palace, becomes rightful head of state

Timeline of royal family

King Of Thailand Marries His Female Bodyguard, Makes Her Queen Of Thailand

The royal purification ablution bath as part of his coronation ceremony at the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

On Sunday, there will be a 7-km royal procession, in which the king will again be carried on his palanquin to visit four important temples and allow the public to pay their respects to him.

King Vajiralongkorn, 66, became constitutional monarch after the death of his revered father, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, in October 2016 after 70 years on the throne.

"The current king had a very lively private life, a string of wives, mistresses, one who's living in exile in the USA, the one he most recently divorced in 2014 has been placed more or less under house arrest, her son was taken away from her, most of her family were arrested", Dr Jory said.

Thousands of Thais from across the country descended on inner Bangkok on Sunday (May 5) to catch sight of newly anointed King Maha Vajiralongkorn in a symbolic procession around the capital.

Suthida does not have the same royal lineage as Vajiralongkorn's mother Queen Sirikit, who is the great-granddaughter of the Chakri dynasty's fifth king.

But coronation contained a few surprises, such as the investiture of Queen Suthida, whose unexpected marriage to Vajiralongkorn was announced only days before.

Some royal observers and foreign media had linked Suthida romantically with the king, but the palace had previously never acknowledged a relationship between them.

Then the King gave his first royal command in Thai language, "For the people and the kingdom, I shall inherit the tradition, reign in righteousness".

He later took his seat under the umbrella of state and was handed the Great Crown of Victory, a 7.3-kilogram (16-pound) tiered gold headpiece topped by a diamond from India.

The document, which will take effect on Saturday, listed many criteria for prisoners who are eligible for the pardon, including those with disabilities, chronic or terminal diseases, or those with one year left to serve. "We have been shown the importance of this institution since we were young and how much the previous king had done for us". "I invite everyone here and all Thai people to share my determination and work together, each according to his status and duty, with the nation's prosperity and the people's happiness as the ultimate goals", he said.

It is the fourth marriage for the king, who has had three divorces.

Bangkok city official Anusara Chuensuang expressed wonder at the having a chance to see "such a special ceremony", adding that the king is "our heart".

He received his crown on Saturday in a mixed Buddhist-Hindu ceremony, which was televised live on all channels across the country, amid the splendor of Bangkok's Golden Palace.

Hours before polls opened, another palace statement urged the public to vote for "good people" - a phrase most often attached to the arch-royalist political elite.

Though Thailand has had a constitutional monarchy since 1932, when a revolution ended absolute rule by kings, the country's monarchs are regarded as nearly divine and have been seen as a unifying presence in a country that has seen regular bouts of political instability as it rotates between elected governments and military rule.

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