Pence Says US to Lift Bans on Venezuelan General

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro posing with troops in a handout

Lavrov: Russia 'Condemns' What It Calls U.S. Moves To Topple Venezuela's Maduro

Many nations and global organizations have called for a peaceful settlement of the country's crisis after a failed coup attempt initiated by opposition leader Juan Guaido on April 30 and some expressed support for Maduro.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday the Trump administration made a decision to lift sanctions on Venezuela's former chief of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service, Manuel Cristopher Figuera who last week supported the opposition. Last week, Guaido tried to provoke a military revolt to force Maduro from office, but the attempt failed because most of the armed forces remain loyal to Maduro.

Meanwhile, U.S. media reported that the White House has not reached a consensus on whether to engage in military intervention in Venezuela to support Guaido.

Guaido, the president of the country's national assembly, invoked Venezuela's constitution in January to declare himself interim president of the country, arguing that Maduro's 2018 re-election was illegitimate.

President Donald Trump has ordered economic sanctions against Cuba for its support of President Maduro. "If [the US] prefers the military path, we are ready to resist - we have an army, police, our people, and we are ready to destroy any army, no matter how powerful it is", he said, adding that Caracas has consistently called on Washington to resolve all issues through dialogue. A vote to re-enter the US -led treaty could bolster USA efforts to oust Maduro. Removing Cristopher from the list will mean he can access any blocked assets and property he has in the United States and do business with U.S. individuals, companies and banks. "And if there are options we have to consider and alternatives, then we will", said Guaidó.

The U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort will soon be headed to the Caribbean, Central America and South America to assist Venezuelan refugees. The five-month mission will help relieve pressure on countries that have taken in large numbers of people fleeing Venezuela, the Pentagon said. Venezuela and other left-governed nations pulled out of the treaty years ago.

"Today's action, taken in consultation with the U.S. Department of State, demonstrates that U.S. sanctions need not be permanent and are meant to bring about a positive change of behavior", the Treasury Department said in a statement. It is now preparing sanctions for the 25 remaining members of the court, a senior United States administration official said on Monday.

The country's Supreme Court earlier had said the legislators should be investigated for crimes including conspiracy, treason and rebellion.

The court would be responsible for signing off on any warrant for an arrest of Guaido - a move the USA official emphasized would have severe consequences.

"The message I want to make sure comes across is that we are very well coordinated and disciplined, and have a broad set of contingency plans" on Venezuela, Shanahan said.

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