IT comes back to haunt you with Chapter Two

It Chapter Two

Trailer: IT: CHAPTER TWO Trailer Floats In!

The first teaser trailer of It Chapter Two was released recently and we got a glimpse of what is about to come in the second installment of the franchise.

In the official account of Warner Bros., the post read, "Witness the end of IT. Watch the new trailer now". As the teaser trailer progresses, we get to know the possible reasons behind the same.

Bill Skarsgård will return as Pennywise, and Argentine Andrés Muschietti returns to direct the sequel to his 2017 film.

Red balloons can be seen throughout, as can the terrifying face of the iconic clown. The crew also includes Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon (originally Chosen Jacobs) and Go Girls actor Jay Ryan is a grownup Ben Hanscom, played by Jeremy Ray Taylor in the first It. Andy Muschietti will once again direct the Stephen King adaptation. When Marsh pays a visit to Mrs. Kersh, an elderly lady who lives at her old residence, we notice things take a freakish and horrifying turn, especially when Kersh explains how her father "joined the circus" once he moved to the U.S. Beverly soon discovers that Pennywise is definitely NOT dead.

While having tea, the old lady has an interesting dialogue where she said - "No one who really dies here would ever really dies".

The introduction to the later timeline involves a brutal scene of a hate crime against a gay boy who is murdered by Pennywise which will show up in the new film. The trailer opens about with Jessica Chastain (playing grown-up Beverly Marsh), and while the initial nostalgic feeling is lovely, it is short-lived. "IT: Chapter 2" will maintain the continuity of the character, but Skarsgård teased that the sequel will also explore the "unpredictability" of the monster that can "shock" the audience. "It" became a huge box office hit, earning over $700 million in ticket sales worldwide.

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