Google Unveils Nest Hub Max At I/O 2019 Developer Conference

																	Google announces Nest Hub Max consolidates smart home gadgets under the Nest brand					
		Mike We

General Google announces Nest Hub Max consolidates smart home gadgets under the Nest brand Mike We

With our new display, you'll get a bigger 10-inch HD screen and a smart camera that helps you keep an eye on your home and keep in touch with family and friends.

The device can play music and videos - including YouTube content - controllable by gestures, and it can also be controlled via voice through Google Assistant, which is built-in.

The camera has an extra function too - it can be used to trigger hand gestures - ideal if you're using the device in the kitchen with your hands covered in self-raising flour. That's about to change.

The Nest Hub Max will be available for $229 later this summer.

With an assistant that is always listening and a smart display that can recognize who is in the room, we understand if you're a bit skeptical with Google's promise of digital privacy.

To mark the birth of the Google Nest brand, the I/O 2019 conference saw the company announce the much-rumored Nest Hub Max. But it also enables a range of unique features using local artificial intelligence, which operate without needing to send information to Google's servers. As such, the device previously known as the Google Home Hub will now be the Nest Home Hub and sell for $129, down from $149. "But we are also going to be transparent about the data we collect, that we don't sell users' data and allow users to review, remove or delete their data where needed". All this will be done in the device occupying only 80 MB, and no data leaves the mobile.

For more details jumped over to the official Google blog. It can control more than 30,000 devices from 3500 brands.

The latest Android Q beta version is now available, and users have a chance to enjoy the new Dark Theme, which uses true black instead of the dark gray which was visible in previous versions. To activate the Incognito mode in maps, users simply have to tap their profile photo in the search bar which will bring up a menu screen, with "Turn on Incognito mode" listed as an option.

This stage is important because if there are other members in your household you'll want the Assistant to be able to differentiate you in order to serve up personalised information. When I was there before, he commented how he "really loved my 360 camera".

What you do get is the same best-in-class 12.2-megapixel rear camera, and the same super-smooth Pixel Android software.

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