Google Pixel 3a launches today, but we already know the full specs

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Here's what to expect at Google's annual I/O developer conference starting Tuesday

Day three of the show sees things wind down, but we've still got new items in the list here, and more will be added as our coverage concludes on Friday.

Speaking at its annual I/O conference, where it announced a whole host of features such as Android Q, updates to Google Maps and Search, and the introduction of a Google Home Max, which features a screen, Google unveiled low-priced smartphones under its Pixel.

Google's Android 10 OS can now adjust the depth effect in photos.

Google also on Tuesday launched its most affordable smartphone model yet, the Pixel 3a.

Google's new pricing strategy and expanding marketing efforts are expected to shore up its sales in the channel and therefore ramping up its market share.

Google says its assistant will be able to book cars and tickets using online forms on Android phones later this year. In the long run, Google has promised over-the-air updates for the OS. Thanks to its simpler construction and use of common screws, the Pixel 3a got a 6/10 repairability rating, while the Pixel 3 XL scored a meager 3/10 on the same test and the regular Pixel 3 had a 4/10 rating.

Google also highlighted its updated Android Q operating system at the annual event.

As worries about data sharing continue to frighten the market, google will probably address privacy upgrades.

Those improvements in products and services come with a growing amount of information from users. You can check the list of eligible devices here ( So, if you have a non-Google device and want to install the Android Q beta 3, here's an how-to guide.

A new way for its Google Assistant to help out users by being able to phone businesses to make appointments on their behalf, Duplex was seen by some as alarming because it appeared to pretend to be a human. Android Q has been created to support the next big tech in smartphones - foldable phone displays and 5G.

The introduction of Nest Hub Max will enable multiple connections with Google's Nest series products of smart door locking, lighting and surveillance.

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