Aeroflot Cancels, Delays Some Superjet Flights In Wake Of Deadly Plane Crash

A passenger plane is seen on fire after an emergency landing at the Sheremetyevo Airport outside Moscow Russia

Passenger plane with fire on board lands at Moscow airport

The Board of the Russian airline Aeroflot made a decision to pay compensation to all passengers and families of those who died in the crash of flight SU1492 from Moscow to Murmansk, which was engulfed by flames during emergency landing at Sheremetyevo Airport. Whereas, the various sources told that rather turning off the engine the pilot opened up the cockpit window.

Zvezda TV and Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper quoted pilot Denis Evdokimov as saying, "Because of lightning, we had a loss of radio communication".

He said that the plane had been hit by lightning. He confirmed he was going to land using only instruments and told air traffic control that "help is needed".

'Passengers asked for the plane to be checked and stewards guided them out of the cabin'.

The plane that crashed on Sunday flew for the first time in June 2017, and was delivered to Aeroflot three months later, according to aircraft-tracking website Aeroflot - which has a plan to double its fleet to 520 planes, including 190 Russian- made aircraft, by 2023 - is seeking to quadruple its market value by that time, CEO Vitaly Savelyev told Russian President Vladimir Putin previous year. Sheremetyevo also clarified that no one from Aeroflot was involved in the incident.

"An okay landing. A landing with a bang", one of the men said.

Video footage shot from inside the Russian plane has emerged showing the moment the plane caught fire after it was forced to make an emergency landing. Something went wrong during the landing, however.

In the footage, several passengers were carrying hand luggage, prompting harsh online criticism. The smoke was already black.

Sheremetyevo airport management said in a statement the officials belonged neither to the airport company - called AO MASH - nor to Aeroflot, according to the BBC.

Ten passengers were hospitalised following the crash, and all were in a stable condition on Tuesday, transport minister Yevgeny Dietrich said.

Aeroflot was once notorious for its poor safety record but in recent years its image has improved and it has not had a fatal accident in more than a decade.

The jet has seen a series of problems since its launch in 2011, and Russian Federation has struggled to convince foreign airlines to purchase it.

Dietrich said there were no plans to ground the Superjet-100 model.

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