United States border closure threatens avocado supply

Border Patrol agents patrol the San Ysidro border crossing after the border between Mexico and the U.S. was closed in the San Ysidro neighborhood of San Diego California

REUTERS Mike Blake'Not Playing Games: Trump Threatens to Close Mexico Border Suggests it'Could Be to All Trade

CNN reports that Kevin Hassett, the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, said in the event of a border closure there may be special rules around "certain things" that are needed.

If Mexico does not stop migrants from transiting across its territory, and if Congress does not act, he said, "the border's going to be closed, 100 percent".

Last week, Border Patrol agents in El Paso we forced to keep thousands of illegal immigrants housed under a bridge because detention centers are full. Almost half of all imported USA vegetables and 40 percent of imported fruit are grown in Mexico, according to the latest data from the United States Department of Agriculture.

"For a White House that can legitimately claim significant economic accomplishments and has reportedly considered softening its stance in trade negotiations with China to calm markets, such a move would be as counterintuitive as it would be counterproductive", the U.S. Chamber of Commerce writes in a blog post on the issue.

"Democrats in Congress are leaving us no choice".

The president tweeted again Saturday that his "next step" would be to close the border to curb illegal immigration and stop the drug flow from Mexico.

Trump is considering bringing on a "border" or "immigration czar" to co-ordinate immigration policy across various federal agencies, according to four people familiar with the discussions but unauthorized to be identified speaking about them. He adds, "what is not understood or appreciated is that we don't simply import finished goods from Mexico; after 20 years of free trade, supply chains have been rearranged in a way that results in many items (such as automotive parts) passing back and forth across the border multiple times in the course of being manufactured".

The world's biggest avocado distributor is warning that the US could run out of avocados if Donald Trump follows through on his threat to close down the US-Mexico border.

Trump's conduct would make the border less manageable, increase the flow of desperate people (some of whom perish on the way) and throw the economy into a tailspin.

Trump's own administration has said that about 50 percent show up.

That's especially true since, while Mexico's the United States' third largest trade partner, it's the second destination for exports, said Jorge Guajardo, Mexico's former ambassador to China. "So we asked our Deputy to tap in and take over the trip", the official said.

And when the Otay Mesa, California, entry port closed for the night Monday, 150 trucks were still waiting to get into the U.S. Average wait times at Brownsville, Texas, were 180 minutes Monday, twice the length of peak times a year ago.

Officials said facilities for handling the migrants - who for the moment can not be sent back after they cross the border and request asylum - are overtaxed and understaffed, creating hazardous conditions. The Democrats could change it with one meeting, everybody would agree.

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