Samsung Galaxy Fold... is breaking

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Breaking: Galaxy Fold review unit phones (literally)

The phone was "completely unusable" after two days, CNBC reporter Todd Haselton wrote.

Samsung's messaging to early reviewers explicitly reminded us that the top layer of the screen was not removable and that it would compromise the integrity of the display.

Four Samsung Galaxy Fold review units in the hands of major United States tech journalists all experienced device-breaking display failures today.

With the Galaxy Fold the first commercial foldable smartphone, having such a major setback with what is its pièce de résistance is not going to be a good look for Samsung.

Also, for the record, as I mentioned JUST yesterday, I too remove the screen protector layer from review units pretty regularly.

Next we've got Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, who pulled up on what appeared to be a screen protector on the Galaxy Fold's display.

The Verge's Dieter Bohn also reported that the screen on his Galaxy Fold review unit broke after two days of normal use.

Neither of the Galaxy Folds that Android Central has have developed screen issues, though it's very easy to see how such issues could arise.

'The main screen includes a special protective layer, ' it reads. A wrap covering the screen of the Galaxy Fold warns you to not remove the "special protective layer" of the device, as it could cause damage. That bulge, he said, eventually "pressed sharply enough into the screen to break it".

'When opened, the left side of the flexible display, which makes up a large 7.3-inch screen, flickers consistently, ' the site explained.

UPDATE 3: We asked Samsung for a comment, but the company told us it had nothing to share at the moment. On Twitter, he said that it seemed like the film was supposed to be removed, and only later did he find warnings from Samsung that users shouldn't remove it. Gurman said that consumers also likely won't know they are not supposed to remove this film. The "problem" Gurman is referring to is his totally dead Galaxy Fold display. In his case, the pixels on the Samsung Galaxy Fold's display have been gradually turning black.

The smartphone comes with a price tag of Rs 28,990 and it will be available on Samsung official website, Samsung Opera House, retail stores and Flipkart starting from May 01, 2019.

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