N. Korea’s Kim Says Must Deliver ‘Blow’ to Those Imposing Sanctions - KCNA

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo testifies before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday

By Any Other Name Mike Pompeo Says He Labels Only US Adversaries'Tyrants

-North Korea diplomacy a year ago, told Trump that he would push for an inter-Korean summit with Kim, according to Moon's office.

The 687 lawmakers in the nominal parliament are elected for a period of five years, while turnout at the polls in March was over 90 per cent.

The state-led economy will "deal a telling blow to the hostile forces who go with bloodshot eyes miscalculating that sanctions can bring the DPRK to its knees", a state media report quoted him as saying on Thursday, using the acronym for the North's official name.

As expected, KCNA also reported that Kim has been re-elected as chairman of the North's State Affairs Commission.

Instead Wednesday's meeting could involve a reshuffle of party officials including Kim Yong Chol, the North's top envoy for talks with the United States, who has been "blamed the most for the failure of the Hanoi summit", he said.

-North Korea summit in Hanoi that collapsed in February, and signaled a continued focus on economic development, a strategic direction officially declared a priority last April.

"Mr. President, have you communicated with Kim Jong Un in the last two weeks?" a reporter asked during the Oval Office meeting.

The ruling Democratic Party (DP) said on Friday that Seoul and Washington reaffirmed their shared goal of North Korea's denuclearization based on their firm alliance and understood that top-down diplomacy is viable and essential to the peace process.

His replacement, Mr Choe, was subjected to political "re-education" in the past, but appeared to be gaining more influence in recent years, since he was promoted in October 2017 to the party's powerful Central Military Commission, South Korean intelligence officials previously said.

"It did not directly mention the US, but linked sanctions with hostile forces", said Shin Beom-chul, a senior fellow at the Asian Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul.

It added that Trump "reiterated that he has a very good relationship" with Kim and "noted that the door remains open to dialogue".

Pak Pong Ju had served two separate terms as premier, from 2003 to 2007 and from 2013 to 2019, according to North Korea Watch.

'I think it likely that there will be some sanctions relief, especially as Trump has indicated some flexibility, albeit limited, ' Columbia University Professor and Korea Society director Stephen Noerpe told Asia Times.

Moon, for his part, has called for an easing of sanctions, including those holding back joint economic projects between North and South Korea.

North Korea might begin turning away from South Korean President Moon Jae-in after he failed to secure sanctions relief from U.S. President Donald Trump during his visit to the White House, experts said Thursday.

The province is known within North Korea, however, for having a spirit of overcoming hardship, which may fit with Kim Jong Un's message of persevering under sanctions, Hong said.

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