Met Office has its say on record-breaking Bank Holiday sunshine reports

Warming up for Easter

Easter Weekend Weather Day by Day, what changes, highest temps and what is the wind doing - Blog by Jo Farrow

On Friday, showers will be likely all day, with a breeze attached. May might be a different tale so enjoy this Bank Holiday for now.

After a chilly start to Saturday, the spectacular weather continues with abundant sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures.

Britain will have its hottest day of the year six days in a row to Tuesday, with yesterday's 23.3C starting the run.

The UK's warmest temperature for Easter on record was 29.4°C recorded at Camden Square, London, on Easter Saturday in 1949.

This was not the record high for April recorded by the station however - that goes to the 25.8C experienced in the same month in 2018.

The weather forecast for Saturday says it will be warm and dry in most areas again with sunshine developing after clearance of mist and fog. Although it could be foggy to being with, temperatures are expected to soar to as high as 26 degrees.

Met Office forecaster Helen Roberts said the Solent's records were the "ones to keep an eye on and could be broken".

She added: "It won't be one of the hottest temperatures we have had in April, the only thing it is going to break is some of the records for Easter Sunday and Easter Monday". We're mostly cloudy with temperatures in the 40s for most of the day.

"On Saturday the warmest spots will be somewhere in the southeast", said meteorologist Sophie Yeomans.

"Easter Sunday and Easter Monday temperature records are likely to be broken".

For Thursday, that means clouds accompanied by a few morning sprinkles or showers, and then just clouds in the afternoon, with daytime highs in the mid-60s.

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