Meghan Markle's womb should no longer be seen as public property

Prince Harry

Prince Harry John Phillips Getty

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will welcome their first child in the coming weeks, and royal fans are eager to know everything about the new member of the family, from the baby's name to if the baby will have a royal title.

Now, yeah, Serena Williams surely has a lot of friends, and who knows how many of them might be pregnant at the moment, but she does have one very, very famous friend, whose wedding she attended past year, and who is expecting her first child at some point fairly soon. It has been reported that Farthing and Thorpe-Beeston don't charge a fee to deliver babies for the royals, which would mean that if Markle chooses her own doctors, the royals would be left with a bill. However, renovations on the country estate took longer than expected, likely because the royal couple wanted to make every inch of the home all their own. It did leave a few of us a little baffled'.

"Doria should be here for the birth and will be staying", the source reportedly said.

Sources close to the Duchess stressed the "personal" nature of her decision, with one insider saying: 'Above all, this is her birth, her baby, and she must do whatever feels right for her. "How could anyone judge her for that?" said one. "Does she think she's too good for what's good for the Queen and for Kate?"

That means that throughout the child's life, he or she will also have their assets and income exposed to United States taxes-including any "unearned income" over $2,100-until they are 18 years old, and have the opportunity to renounce their citizenship, if they choose to do so.

Things got interesting when Williams went on to talk about a friend of hers who is now pregnant with what would seem to be her first child. "So I knew I couldn't put too much on her skin because in that time you'd see a transition-and you do see it in the photographs-when she's in the vehicle with her mother it looks darker and heavier, but in the church it's much brighter".

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