Children of slain journalist Khashoggi being compensated by Riyadh, says report

Children of slain journalist offered million-dollar houses in Saudi Arabia and monthly payments for death of father

Children of Jamal Khashoggi receive 'blood money' from Saudi government: report

The houses given to the Khashoggi children are located in the port city of Jeddah and are worth up to Dollars 4 million, the newspaper reported.

Saudi Arabia has now provided each of the four children of Jamal Khashoggi with a house in the family's home city of Jiddah worth about million in addition to a steady stream of cash payments of, 000 to, 000 a month, according to the people familiar with the arrangement.

Numerous questions in the case are not clarified, such as the role of Saudi Arabia's powerful crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. While his daughters have been outspoken about their father, his sons have remained focused on receiving the maximum financial compensation from the crown prince.

Salah Khashoggi meets with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on October 23, 2018. According to the Post, the late journalist's children could receive tens of millions of dollars apiece in so-called "blood money" negotiations. For the leadership in Riyadh, it is important to prevent Khashoggi's children from making statements that would add momentum to arguments in favor of Western governments revisiting their alliances with the kingdom.

The Saudi crown prince simply can not visit Washington given the angry response any trip to the USA would trigger, most likely with large demonstrations and strong rebukes from high-ranking United States officials in the Beltway.

The delivery of homes and monthly payments of $10,000 or more to each sibling were approved late previous year by King Salman as part of what one former official described as an acknowledgment that "a big injustice has been done" and an attempt "to make a wrong right", the report said.

Children of slain journalist Khashoggi to get paid by Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia acknowledged the killing in October and said it fired five top officials and arrested 18 Saudis as part of the initial investigation into the murder. "They have stonewalled and obfuscated, brushing aside the CIA's findings to continue business as usual with the crown prince", the article said.

"It is also outrageous to learn that some governments whose diplomats have attended the trial of the alleged suspects have remained silent on fair trial concerns, especially given the prosecution is seeking the death penalty for some defendants".

The Trump administration, which has fostered close ties with Crown Prince Salman, has declined to accept the USA intelligence community's assessment and refused to implicate Salman directly in the murder, drawing sharp rebukes from Congress.

"The Saudi Arabian authorities' ongoing trial of 11 suspects lacks credibility and transparency".

In Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy, the king has shown no signs of reconsidering the succession lineup because of the Khashoggi affair or any other issue.

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