Borderlands 3 Roundup: Release Date, Epic Store Exclusivity, Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Borderlands 3 release date posted, and deleted, on Twitter alongside Epic Games Store announcement

Borderlands 3 leak: Fri 13th Sept release via Epic Games Store

According to the official Borderlands 3 page on the Microsoft Store, the game will support cross-platform co-op.

Cloth galaxy map: Discover new worlds beyond Pandora with Typhon DeLeon's map of the Borderlands. A full gameplay reveal of Borderlands 3 will take place on May 1. If you already own the original Borderlands on Steam, you'll receive a free update with all of these Game of the Year Edition upgrades, while those playing on Xbox One and PS4 can head to GameStop in the USA or EB Games in Canada to pick up a physical copy if they so wish.

From the press release: "At launch on September 13, Borderlands 3 will be available for PC exclusively through the Epic Games store". Tweets from Randy Pitchford suggest it may be an Epic exclusive for six months before heading to Steam. Judging by how things have gone down between Microsoft and Sony in the past, we're guessing cross-play will likely involve Xbox One and PC playing together and PS4 and PC crossplay, but a ideal trifecta may not be in the cards. Let us know if you'll be tackling Borderlands 3 with a friend or two in the comments section below. Please direct all inquiries regarding any of those topics to 2K.

A new trailer for Borderlands 3 dropped earlier today, revealing more about the game's main characters, as well as a release date.

He continued to say that he's "happy to shop in different stores" and offered a preemptive defence and hint at Borderlands 3's shorter exclusivity. I've bought games from Xbox, Playstation, Switch, Steam, Origin, GOG, Humble, Uplay, Epic and other stores.

The box art for Borderlands 3 has been leaked, and it depicts the series' Psycho mascot posed like Jesus Christ.

Perhaps more offensive though is the name of the on-the-nose deluxe editions and especially the Collector's Edition. Stay tuned and we'll update this post accordingly.

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