AAF operations reportedly suspending, league close to folding, per report

AAF Salt Lake Stallions suspending operations for the remainder of the season according to reports

Reports: Salt Lake Stallions' league the Alliance of American Football is suspending operations

League co-founders Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian disagree with Dundon's decision, but without his investment the league can not continue. Despite a TV deal and limited star power, the league has struggled to gain a financial foothold in its quest to become a developmental league for the NFL. This was not a check however, more like a line of credit. The AAF set viewership records in Week 1, but the hype ended there.

The fledgling football league made an announcement Tuesday regarding its future.

In a statement following the AAF's closure, XFL founder Vince McMahon said the XFL is "well-funded" and that "the success or failure of other leagues will have no impact on our ability to deliver high-quality, fast-paced, professional football".

The AAF's goal isn't unique. He said the AAF "can't be a development league" without cooperation from the NFL Players Association. But the AAF had a different approach than their counterparts. The teams are all located in prime sports markets, with exclusive draft rights based on geography.

Teams were expected to build close bonds with their localities.

The San Diego Fleet canceled practiced about a half hour before it was scheduled to start.

"Everybody wanted to play out the season and everybody is disappointed", Spurrier told the Orlando Sentinel's Mike Bianchi. There were no kickoffs or PATs, and teams had to go for a two-point conversion after touchdowns. Obviously, WWE is looking for crossover athletes and they see this as a great opportunity to get some people who are recently out of work. Nothing was any different now than it was when he made his original commitment, apart from the trumped-up urgency that a deal for bottom-of-roster National Football League players was critical to the AAF's ongoing existence.

"The last check you got will be the last one that you get".

Dundon's apparent decision to effictively shutter the AAF leaves 416 players and thousands of fans holding the short end of the stick, although ticket holders in Orlando must be particularly aggrieved by the sudden turn of events. Ebersol and Polian understand this, but Dundon doesn't.

"AAF players who wish to submit an application can do so by visiting WWEPerformanceCenter.com, and enter "#AnotherDoorOpens" in the "Referred By Section".

More time would have only meant more losses as interest in the AAF continued to slip.

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