Xbox One S All-digital edition first pictures and release date revealed

The release date for Microsoft’s disc-less Xbox One S just leaked

Xbox One S Disc-less Console Reportedly Releasing in May

The Xbox One S All-Digital release date has reportedly leaked.

The fact that the disc-less Xbox One S is going to ship with three AAA games that don't cost a single thing is definitely going to boost the console's sales. First impressions suggest it looks the same as the Xbox One S without a disc drive or a, rather redundant, eject button.

Recently, details of the new Xbox One S All-Digital surfaced online. Anaconda is expected to be a high-end machine along the lines of an Xbox One X, while Lockhart could be a cheaper digital-only box.

Microsoft is making a digital-only Xbox that's designed as a low-priced gateway to its lucrative services, and sources say it'll release in May.

Here's all you need to know about the disc-less Xbox One S, including release date rumours, pricing speculation and the main features of the console. That means there's no Blu-ray drive, instead the gaming experience will be digital-only. Now, Windows Central has accessed documents that point to a May 7 2019 global launch.

Windows Central suggests the new console will be revealed in April. A few hours ago Windows Central provided some more information about the upcoming console release, and shared some box art.

What will the Xbox One S All-Digital offer? The All-Digital Edition will be sporting 1 TB storage and comes bundled with Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft digital codes. Last month HEXUS updated readers on the disc-less console.

According to Windows Central, the image you see at the top of this story is an accurate representation of the product shot that the site received recreated in Photoshop to protect the source.

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