UK's May warns EU on disorderly Brexit

Brexiteers outline EU deal terms

EU’s Barnier to meet UK Brexit negotiators on Tuesday

She has to set out her plans to MPs by Monday afternoon ahead of the meaningful vote on Tuesday.

The UK government could cut trade tariffs on the majority of goods in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to the latest reports.

If May loses Tuesday's vote, MPs will then vote on Wednesday on whether to proceed without a deal.

"The EU must support retailers to mitigate the many supply-chain issues that could arise, and decision makers in London must use their votes in Parliament to protect ordinary consumers from higher prices and reduced choice that would result in a no deal scenario", said William Bain, policy advisor on European and worldwide at the BRC.

Britain's chief law officer said Wednesday that Brexit negotiations with the European Union had got to "the meat of the matter", after Northern Ireland's top civil servant warned that a disorderly United Kingdom exit could destabilize both the economy and the peace process. "It is in the European interest for the United Kingdom to leave with a deal", May will say in a speech in Grimsby, northern England, according to pre-released extracts.

What is the sticking point?

"Yet again her government has been defeated". Reality Check unpacks the basics.

Talks have been at an impasse for weeks over the backstop issue. With just five days until a showdown vote in Parliament on the deal, the Attorney General insisted his proposals were "clear as day".

However, with the details not finalised, Fox said there was no agreement on whether to tell parliament before it must decide on March 12 whether to accept an unpopular exit agreement negotiated with the European Union by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Keir Starmer, Brexit spokesman for the opposition Labor party, said it was "increasingly clear Theresa May will not be able to deliver the changes she promised to her failed Brexit deal". "The consequences of material business failure as a result of a "no-deal" exit, combined with changes to everyday life and potential border frictions could well have a profound and long-lasting impact on society", Sterling said in a letter to Northern Ireland political leaders.

"After two years of negotiation, the government is simply incapable of delivering a Brexit deal that protects jobs, the economy and people's livelihoods".

If MPs reject that outcome, they would then vote on Thursday on whether to ask the European Union for a postponement.

Delaying Brexit would require approval from all 27 remaining member states. "This gives passengers and cargo operators the certainty and confidence that they can continue to fly as normal after the United Kingdom has left the European Union".

United Kingdom businesses overwhelmingly oppose a "no-deal" exit, which would impose tariffs and other barriers between Britain and the European Union, its biggest trading partner.

But former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown has told the BBC he is calling for the United Kingdom to seek an extension to the Article 50 process and suggested a year-long extension would allow further consultation with the British people. This bears out what I had feared, which is that Parliament will try to keep us in the customs union.

May must bring her accord back to parliament for a vote before March 12.

She's going to try with, she hopes, a new piece of legal and verbal gymnastics from her attorney general that is proving extremely hard to nail down.

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