There's so much to love in Captain Marvel, especially Captain Marvel

Critics had earlier questioned whether Brie Larson could front a film in her own right. Marvel Studios

Critics had earlier questioned whether Brie Larson could front a film in her own right. Marvel Studios

There's a nuance between these women that is different than from how men communicate in new partnerships. Or the Uber driver who told me Black Panther was the most boring movie he'd ever seen - was he watching a documentary about literal black panthers?

The two studios are catering to female audience, especially in the superhero genre, where women characters were subjected to "fridging", a term used to describe the female characters of superhero films where they are generally relegated in parts of supporting lover. "[Captain Marvel] is very cool, she's amusing, she's smart and she's not overly serious, but then she becomes, you know, the bomb, so it's very cool". On her journey through time she meets women who did not have the opportunities she had in life due to patriarchy and sexism having greater power in WWII and the late 1950s than in her own time. They are able to travel across dimensions and realities.

Captain Marvel isn't exactly marvellous. "It makes me really happy because I don't think there's anything missing from this story because of it", Brie said of the decision to keep the film romance-free in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife at the Cinema Society hosted premiere in NYC.

Now, the studio is searching for an actor, between the ages 30-49, who "physically looks like a superhero" for a lead in the upcoming feature-length movie, That Hashtag Show reports.

She, however, hoped that there comes a time when a female director for a superhero film becomes a norm rather than an exception. "It is telling that there are eight credited writers, making this a kitchen sink of clichés".

The tagline for the Captain Marvel film is "Higher". Lashana Lynch is the core, the person who jumps into the fray encouraged by even her kid-played by the super talented scene stealer Akbar. "They love you. So, it works out".

It's cultural normativity. We are sick and exhausted of SJW politics being crammed into our movies, regardless of what side it's coming from. But the delivery system matters, too.

But the most important thing for the actress is that she feels powerful, confident and comfortable in what she wears. Often, they get banned from Twitter and other platforms. Cap tells them to reboot it and send the signal again. The idea is that it's best just to bash your way through everything, just as so many guys do. The second one is up to you. I said she could time-travel one time. An extended sequence in Louisiana seems drawn from another movie entirely and should have been developed further.

So what might Captain Marvel indicate about the present - and future - of women in film? "There's something dark and empty in all the fanfare and fuss, and it seems aimed exclusively at an audience that grew up in video arcades".

You can see him running away from an explosion in Thor's cape, which we're pretty sure is just a photoshop decision and not a plot point. Even when the focus is a superhero - scratch that, superheroine - that flies.

Unfortunately, Captain Marvel, for lack of a better description, is just another Marvel movie - set to a robotic, unmemorable score; deeply reliant on old tropes; and featuring yet another underwhelming villain. "Her film, alas, is no epic".

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