Taiwan PCB Firms Gearing Up Mass Production for New iPads, AirPods

Apple expected to announce new streaming TV service at March 25 event

Apple says ‘it’s show time’ March 25: TV service announcement expected

CoinX was the first to mention the iPhone names for last year's models, and the leaker also told us the 2018 iPad Pro would have a 5.9mm profile.

Finally, while it seems unlikely due to the lack of rumors as the event gets closer, we wouldn't rule out the possibility that Apple's long-awaited AirPods 2 could make an appearance.

"According to a tweet from Twitter user CoinX, "Both iPad 7 (10.2") and the "new" iPad (10.5", non-Pro) are coming.

Though this blip of information is brief, it's reasonable to trust it.

Of course, with not much more than screen sizes and Pro or non-Pro to work off of here, there's plenty of room for conjecture about the future of the iPad line.

It's not just about content - the new Apple TV streaming device could be a marriage between software and hardware, potentially allowing subscribers to watch content whenever and wherever they are, with more robust recommendations to viewers. Details about this anticipated 10.2-inch model are still absent, but speculation has it that Apple will use this model to replace its 9.7-inch iPad.

Whether you like them or not, Apple's iPads are the world's best-selling tablets for a reason.

Currently, Apple sells two types of iPads, including the more affordable $329 model that doesn't come with a brand new design or Face ID support, and the iPad Pro, which starts at $799 and packs all those features.

My take: Potential antitrust pitfalls aside, the Bloomberg piece is a well-reported walk-up to Apple's March 25 event.

Sources cited by DigiTimes claim that the new iPad models, as well as the AirPods, will be officially introduced at Apple's March 25 event, which will revolve around Apple Video, the iPhone-maker's movie streaming service.

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