Samsung Is Developing All Screen Phones with Camera Underneath

Does more screen mean more appeal for the Korean giant's latest flagship phone

Does more screen mean more appeal for the Korean giant's latest flagship phone

However, the company's R&D Vice President, Yang Byung-duk, says that such a design will take a year or two at least. It may not be as new as the Galaxy S10 is right now, but for $719, it's hard to beat this one. Even the best mobile screens like the OLED display on the iPhone XS and the Dynamic AMOLED display on Samsung's Galaxy S10 are imperfect, either with a notch or a hole punch.

This interruption to the otherwise full-screen S10 display may elicit responses ranging from indifference to distraction.

Samsung Intends to Hide Cameras Under Phone Displays

He added that Samsung is also considering development of sound-emitting display, pretty much like LG is using its Crystal Sound OLED on the latest LG G8 ThinQ.

Elsewhere, the S10+ is wrapped in a smart combination of metal and glass, curved at its edges and comfortable to hold as a result - the device is also surprisingly light in the hand. Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy J2 Core as its first Android Go smartphone. The smartphone will support 5G but the availability might vary from country to country.

In day-to-day use, the S10+ is the best Android smartphone now on the market. Previous reports have made it clear that the Infinity-O display is just the first step from Samsung towards a full-screen smartphone. Without this hole punch, used in Samsung's new "Infinity-O" displays, manufacturers have to create a small cut at the top of the display for cameras and other sensors. Nevertheless, increasing prices are a common trend in this market. The catch here is that the sensor appears to be working without issue when it's near the face on calls.

The wide-angle lens is also fun to work with if you're looking to boost landscape images or if you're trying to take a photo of a crowded scene. For all the fancy premium features in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 family, they don't seem to use the proximity sensor correctly.

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