Oculus Debuts $400 Rift S Wireless VR Headset

Oculus Rift S beefs up tracking and resolution for sleeker VR

New Oculus Rift S Won’t Require External Sensors Hits Spring 2019 For $399

But the Rift S's biggest upgrade is the inclusion of five cameras built into the headset: two in front, one on either side, and one up top.

As mentioned earlier, the Rift S makes use of Oculus Insight tracking technology to remove the need for those bothersome external sensors, meaning it can deliver out-of-the-box room scale with minimum fuss. There's also a single-cable system, as well as the integrated audio system from Oculus Quest and Go featuring a headphone jack.

Oculus are also promising improved light blocking with the Rift S, courtesy of their partnership with Lenovo, who helped design the headset for increased comfort and better weight distribution.

It boasts a resolution of 1,280 x 1,440 pixels per eye (2,560 x 1,440 in total), a refresh rate of 80Hz and a field of view that, according to RoadtoVR, is "slightly larger than Rift". In a generational update, it has a higher-resolution screen when compared to the original Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift S and its predecessor still share the same core platform, which means users can access VR content created for either of the headsets. The current Oculus Rift will no longer be manufactured and the company believes the existing stock will soon be sold out.

In addition, Lenovo was found to have been involved in the development of Oculus Rift S and to have contributed its expertise. It is explained that using computer vision algorithms, "Oculus Insight captures, traces, and navigates physical spaces in real time".

The brand new Oculus Rift S is being shown off at GDC and Ars Technica had a chance to play with it. They also redesigned the Touch controllers, and Rift users can now grab, point and gesture without problems. It also has a new true stereo-correct passthrough feature, Passthrough+.

On the bright side, the Rift S is only $400 (£306), with United Kingdom pricing TBA. "Games on Rift have never looked better", the company boasts, again without getting too specific about what to expect. Are any of you thinking about picking up a VR headset this year?

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