NASA is paying 24 people nearly $19K to stay in bed

Short-arm centrifuge at the German Aerospace Center's :envihab facility in Cologne Germany

Short-arm centrifuge at the German Aerospace Center's :envihab facility in Cologne Germany

NASA and the European Space Agency are offering $19,000 to subjects willing to spend 60 consecutive days lying in bed.

You'd be on bed rest for sixty days while researchers study the effects of weightlessness on the human body.

This is important for the astronauts who will eventually spend extended periods of time in space beyond the limited stays now experienced aboard the International Space Station. The facility is operated by the Institute of Aerospace Medicine at the German Space Agency (DLR).

Through this study, the German Aerospace Center says that they hope to develop countermeasures that reduce the negative effects of weightlessness on astronauts.

NASA has been conducting studies under its Human Research Program (HRP) that is dedicated to discovering the best methods and technologies to support safe and productive human space travel.

One of the groups will be rotated in a centrifuge to replicate an artificial gravity chamber, while the other won't be moved. We might have your dream job.

Volunteers will be paid 16,500 euros for their full participation.

This story was first published on, "Space scientists want to pay you nearly $19,000 to lie in bed for 2 months". The beds are angled downwards towards the head end by six degrees.

Though the study has already begun, DLR is seeking participants for a second phase, which will kick off in September.

A full 60 of those days will be on bedrest.

According to translated reviews from participants and workers in other parts of this study, the team is constantly looking after your well-being and cooking nutritious food for your body.

In addition to the $19,000 stipend, the DLR points out additional benefits to participating in the study. Participants are required to speak German and be between 24 and 55 and healthy.

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