MLB, MLBPA Announce Rules Changes For 2019, 2020 Seasons

MLB to implement 3-batter minimum eliminate Aug. 31 waiver deadline

MLB to implement 3-batter minimum eliminate Aug. 31 waiver deadline

Changes are coming to Major League Baseball.

The changes could be implemented in 2019 if the two sides announce an agreement as soon as Thursday.

Among the changes, the Home Run Derby would feature a $1 million prize to boost drama - a clear ploy to entice superstar players to enter the event. That money should incentivize even the game's biggest stars to participate as well as give lower-paid players a chance to supplement their earnings with extra cash.

While it seems that this wave of agreed-upon changes will not technically impact actual in-game rules, the two sides have agreed to make July 31 a hard deadline for the completion of trades, thus doing away with the convoluted August waiver system. Deals after the non-waiver deadline made August a hotbed for incremental upgrades by teams, and the union's hope is that getting rid of them will cause teams to be more aggressive in the offseason knowing that the fallback for August deals no longer is an option. While they asked for things like more days off and private chefs in every clubhouse, owners got increases in the luxury tax that prompted more teams to cut veterans who cost them money and chilled the free agent market.

The All-Star Game "Election Day" would pit the top three vote-getters at each position against each other in a one-day runoff vote, theoretically producing a frenzied, social-media-driven finale to the selection process.

The amount of pitchers allowed on a single roster will be capped, though the number has yet to be determined. MLB's current collective bargaining agreement with the MLBPA expires on December 1, 2021.

There will now be a primary round that will limit the pool to the top three at each position - top six for outfielders.

Eliminating one mound visit for the upcoming season isn't going to suddenly make baseball America's Pastime once again, either.

These changes are created to keep the baseball fans engaged and continuously interested to watch the games, he said.

"Although the union did not formally accede to the three-batter minimum per pitcher that MLB sought, it agreed not to challenge the league's plans to implement it in 2020". Players may be placed and claimed on outright waivers after July 31st, but players may not be traded after that date.

Starting with games later this month, mound visits will be decreased from six to five and commercial breaks will be shortened.

It will culminate in an All-Star week that includes a Home Run Derby with $2.5 million in prize money, including $1 million for the victor, according to sources.

For pitchers, the minimum placement period on the injured list will increase from 10 to 15 days.

For context, $1 million is greater than the salary of six of the eight Home Run Derby contestants a year ago. There are long breaks between balls put into play, and the shift not only looks out of place but artificially limits hitting chances. As part of the roster change, teams reportedly would be permitted to carry 28 players in September, significantly down from 40.

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