House Judiciary committee to request Trump-related documents

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler and ranking member Rep. Doug Collins talk before a hearing on gun violence legislation

Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary chairman, to demand documents from dozens in Trump obstruction probe

The United States House Judiciary Committee announced on Sunday that it will request documents from over 60 entities and individuals in a sweeping new investigation into allegations of abuse of power and obstruction of justice by US President Donald Trump.

His Judiciary committee and other panels in Congress are awaiting release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report on his 22-month investigation of Trump campaign links to Russian Federation and whether Trump, as president, obstructed justice by trying to thwart the investigation. "And to do that we are going to initiate investigations into abuses of power, into corruption and into obstruction of justice". "It's our job to protect the rule of law", Nadler said on ABC's "This Week".

"It's very clear that the president obstructed justice", Nadler asserted.

Democrats in the United States House of Representatives announced their intention on Sunday to begin collecting documents and other evidence as part of an investigation that could ultimately lead to the impeachment of USA president Donald Trump. "He talks about impeachment before he even became chairman and then he says, 'you've got to persuade people to get there.' There's nothing that the president did wrong". As evidence of obstruction, Nadler cited Trump's May 2017 firing of FBI Director James Comey, who was leading an investigation into Russian Federation activities in the 2016 US presidential election and possible collusion with Trump's campaign.

Nonetheless, Democrats intend to use the report released from that investigation - led by special counsel Robert Mueller - as a starting point for their own probe of the forty-fifth president.

The justice department head also noted attempts by the USA president to intimidate witnesses in the course of the investigation, according to The Independent. Nadler said the committee would need to organize and "sort out" the evidence before taking further steps.

The House intelligence and financial services committees also are amid probes that could touch Trump personally. They threatened to impeach people in the Justice Department.

A spokesman for the Judiciary Committee declined to comment.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused House Democrats of prejudging Mr Trump as part of a query based purely on partisan politics.

"All of these have to be investigated and laid out to the American people", he added.

"Yes, I do", Nadler said, and rattled off a litany of Trump's actions.

Trump, since returning from his collapsed summit in Hanoi last week with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, has resumed his attacks on Mueller's investigation and the growing number of inquiries in Congress. Impeachment proceedings against president Richard Nixon were initiated in February of 1974, but Nixon resigned from office prior to articles of impeachment being voted on by the House.

"I think Congressman Nadler chose to impeach the president the day the president won the election", McCarthy said. At this point, no matter how much evidence is accumulated, does anyone really believe that Trump voters will ever see this president clearly enough to support impeachment? We may or may not get there.

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