Grounded Boeing jets sit at Melbourne airport

Flight Simulator Shows What It's Like Inside Plane Just Before Crash

Avionics for Boeing 737 Max planes made by Cedar Rapids company

As of 12:50 p.m. ET Friday, Air Canada's stock was down 1.2 per cent this week from Monday, the day after the Ethiopian Airline crash involving the Max 8 which killed 157, including 18 Canadians.

"Abiy Ahmed & [Trump] in a phone call today shared their condolences to the people of both countries for the loss of lives in the fatal Flight 302", which crashed on Sunday minutes into its flight to Nairobi, Mr Ahmed said on Twitter.

An Ethiopian delegation delivered the cockpit voice and flight data recorders, which were damaged in the disaster, to France's BEA air safety agency to begin the investigation on Friday.

In the simulator, Aimer took off from the same airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, bound for Nairobi, Kenya, "flying" something like the Boeing 737 Max 8, a model that has since been grounded in the USA after the crash in Ethiopia earlier this month and another like it months before.

Experts say it is too soon to know what caused the crash, but aviation authorities worldwide have grounded Boeing's 737 Maxes, as concerns over the plane caused the company's share price to tumble by around 10 per cent.

Boeing will fine-tune its MCAS system - implicated in the crash of a Lion Air 737 MAX 8 in Indonesia in October - within 10 days, said two sources, who cautioned that the cause of the latest crash has yet to be determined.

Air Canada suspended its 2019 financial forecasts, while United Airlines said it would see an adverse effect on its operations if the jets remained grounded heading into the peak summer travel season.

The U.S. planemaker's suspension of deliveries came as Air Canada was renewing its narrowbody fleet, by using the more fuel-efficient MAX aircraft to replace existing Airbus A320 narrowbodies.

Both planes flew with erratic altitude changes that could indicate the pilots struggled to control the aircraft.

However, there have been reports from pilots that the system tip the aircraft's nose downwards within minutes of take-off, forcing them to step in to stop the plane from dropping.

The Ethiopian Airlines pilots reported similar difficulties before their aircraft plunged to the ground. "Request vector (direction) for landing".

"All airlines in the world should be well aware of the problem", Krause said.

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