Following California, Washington state lawmakers vote to make daylight saving time year-round

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday. Dan Gleiter

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday. Dan Gleiter

"So hopefully people will take the time when we have a clock change to say, 'OK, if this little shift has me a bit off kilter, how much better could I feel if I regularly try to promote optimal sleep for myself?'" To save yourself any unnecessary stress and confusion on Sunday, before you go to bed Saturday night, set all your clocks ahead one hour-including the one in your auto if it doesn't change itself.

Supporters point to a study showing an increased risk of vehicle accidents and heart attacks following the spring change, due to the loss of an hour's sleep.

The website allows users to choose their time zone and whether they want a 12-hour clock or a 24-hour military time clock.

How can I say that? Senate Bill 5139 says that if not authorized by Congress, the state will seek approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation to change Washington to year-round mountain standard time. But you'll get the hour back this fall, November 3 to be exact.

Riccelli is referring to a bill filed last week by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida that would make year round daylight saving time the national standard. USA territories Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa do not conform to DST either. And in November, Californians voted to start the process to move to year-round daylight saving time as well. But those measures failed to get traction because the practical result on the West Coast would be to trade a later sunset for an earlier sunrise.

Walker said daylight-saving time (DST) is a kind of "global experiment" we perform twice a year.

BC Hydro is working a full study including further research and analysis on Daylight Saving Time this fall, which will delve deeper into whether the practice actually saves electricity in B.C. One could be more productive, he argued, if they woke up earlier. That's why many lawmakers are calling for change - only if neighboring states do so as well.

John Scott of Scotiabell has been resetting mechanical, tower clocks across the city since the fall of 2006 when he changed the time at Old City Hall. So, during a legislative hearing and in conversations afterward, I essentially brokered a compromise where CT would change only when MA and NY do so as well. Here's how daylight saving time can affect your body - as well as how to adjust your sleep schedule to mitigate its impact. It's hard to imagine that the task force will result in findings that drastically differ from the MA study. It became a cultural conflict between agrarian and metropolitan interests, said Michael Downing, an English professor at Tufts University and author of "Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time". Europe came on board soon after, followed by the 1918. The same goes for California and the West Coast. "I think we'll see a reduction in crime".

It's time to spring forward again, as the country makes the switch to daylight saving time. If that happens, you can tell everyone that you read about it here first!

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