DRC Ebola outbreak passes 1000 cases

Ebola outbreak approaches 1000 cases in DRC

WHO urges support for Ebola spread in D. R. Congo

The outbreak now stands at 1,016 cases, of which 951 are confirmed and 64 are probable.

As the Ebola epidemic in DRC reaches the tragic milestone of over 1,000 cases, the global organization Mercy Corps warns that without drastic action, there is no end in sight for this crisis.

"We use words like "cases" and "containment" to be scientific, but behind every number is a person, a family and a community that is suffering", said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General.

"This outbreak has gone on far too long".

Several treatment facilities have been attacked and infectious patients have been let out. The United States also pulled out its government employees last summer.

"Those officials have been frustrated in recent weeks as the epicenter of the outbreak moved south from the town of Beni to the cities of Butembo and Katwa..."

The WHO chief vowed that despite the increased attacks by armed groups, the WHO "will stay the course and will work with communities to end this outbreak together with the Ministry of Health and partners". Three Ebola centers have been attacked in addition to Thursday's report. The organization reported that over 96,000 people have been vaccinated and those are eligible to receive immunization accept it.

A woman weeps at the grave of a relative as people mark the National Memorial Day at the Disco Hill safe burial site, designated to bury Ebola victims, in Margibi County, Liberia, on March 13.

The IRC said it and other agencies have to work even harder to overcome the mistrust and misunderstanding that dogs health workers in many communities. "We need redoubled support from the worldwide community, and a commitment to push together to bring this outbreak to an end".

There is a growing health concern in DR Congo as not less than one thousand cases of Ebola have been recorded since August 2018 when the disease staged a comeback in the troubled country.

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