Bangladesh cricket team escapes unscathed; shooter is still active, claim reports

Emergency workers push a stretcher carrying a person into a hospital

Emergency workers push a stretcher carrying a person into a hospital

About 20 armed police are clearing buildings in the suburb of Linwood and police are warning people to stay indoors and to report any suspicious behaviour. Christchurch schools will be locked down until further notice.Police thanks the public for their cooperation and will provide further updates to keep residents informed. He and others broke a window in a door to escape from the mosque. An act that has absolutely no place in New Zealand. There is no official confirmation on casualties. They are us. The person who has perpetuate this had violence against us is not.

"It will be one of New Zealand's darkest days".

In response to "a serious ongoing firearms incident", police said all schools have been placed in lock-down.

New Zealand media say a shooting has occurred in a second mosque in the city of Christchurch.

The gunman live streamed the brutal attack on Facebook and wrote a 31-page manifesto about his plans to carry out the event.

"They told me that five people died over there in that mosque, and I have seen with my own eyes, three people dead on the street", he said.

According to a report, a gunman reportedly opened fire at the mosque around 11.40am (AEDT). One man wearing a prayer robe was covered in blood but appeared to be uninjured. According to the Guardian, police were also warning of a bomb in a vehicle that had crashed on a nearby street.

Gunfire was heard coming from the direction of the mosque and several people are were seen on the ground outside the building, One News reported on Friday.

The man, who is a wheelchair, gave a chilling account of the event.

Mohan Ibrahim described events to the Herald, saying he ran for his life when he heard the shots.

"Then suddenly the shooting started".

He saw about four people injured and two people lying on the ground. It was at the moment I realised things were really serious.

A spokeswoman did not know how many patients were expected, adding it was an "evolving situation".

"He did his massacre inside the mosque".

He said the shooting began at about 1:40 p.m. local time when he heard "gunfire sound coming from the back side".

There were reports that members of the Bangladesh cricket team were also present at the site.

"Entire team got saved from active shooters!" tweeted Tamim Iqbal.

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