White House physician declares Trump 'in very good health' after exam

President Trump’s health is a topic of conversation lately as his annual physical is coming up. More

President Trump’s health is a topic of conversation lately as his annual physical is coming up. More

Physician to the president, Sean Conley released a statement shortly after, saying he is happy to announce the president is in great health, and anticipates he will remain so for the duration of his time in office, and beyond.

Conley said Trump did not undergo any procedures requiring sedation or anesthesia, meaning he did not have a colonoscopy. A White House official said Trump was examined by a team of doctors led by Conley, a Navy officer.

The 72-year-old president is a teetotaler and does not smoke, but likes a sedate lifestyle.

The White House has launched a manhunt for the staffer who recently leaked President Donald Trump's private schedules, Politico reported on Friday.

Almost a dozen White House officials and sources close to Trump said he is reluctant to change his eating habits and has not set foot in the White House fitness room, calling exercise a "waste of the energy". It's unclear how much more detail will be released in the coming days. Jackson said a year ago he increased Trump's dose of a medicine to control cholesterol, AstraZeneca PLC's Crestor.

According to Jackson past year, Trump's secret is genes. With the White House kitchen too understaffed to cater a meal, Trump stepped in: He ordered burgers, french fries and pizza. He will advise the president on topics including veterans' issues, the opioid crisis and health issues at the U.S. -Mexico border.

Trump's then chief physician, Ronny Jackson - who has since run into trouble over alleged ethical misconduct - also held an unusually detailed press conference in which he declared Trump to be in "excellent health".

It's time for President Donald Trump's annual medical checkup.

Last year's examination revealed that President Trump has a common form of heart disease, as well as high cholesterol. In last year's exam, a stress test found above-average exercise capacity.

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