Respawn's Apex Legends Boasts 10 Million Players In Just Three Days


Apex Legends ping tool was tested by making everyone silent strangers

Developer Respawn Entertainment is partnering with Twitch for the upcoming Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge, with over $200,000 in prizes.48 streamers will compete in the event including DrDisrespect, Sacriel, shroud, TSM_Myth, DisguisedToast and RealKraftyy. But some players aren't even able to get into matches right now.

If you haven't tried Apex Legends yet, there's obviously nothing stopping you from giving it a shot, as it's free.

An undated handout image from EA's game Apex Legends. You can search for the errors here on the site, on Google or just ask them here in the comments and we'll try our best to help. Essentially, this error happens because your party isn't ready to go. "We have so much more in store for you this year".

If you're the only player in the lobby, though, there's no actual way for you to ready up aside from beginning matchmaking.

Apex Legends isn't the first game to have a quick "look here" button (the Battlefield series has a rather good one) or passive character chatter (Left 4 Dead was the first to master it), but it combines them seamlessly.

Hopefully, EA and Respawn will roll out a patch with a permanent fix to the Party Not Ready error soon, but for now, this little workaround will have to do. It is an unfortunate solution now to have to restart the game after every match but there aren't really any other options now until EA and Respawn Entertainment issue a fix for it. With one dedicated button, you can "ping" locations, objects, and other players, marking them on your teammates' screens and drawing their attention to them. Be sure to stay tuned here for news of a patch.

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