Respawn has already banned over 16000 cheaters from Apex Legends

Has the L-STAR been visible this whole time

Has the L-STAR been visible this whole time

The game will have a second patch this week, but we don't know what to expect with the upcoming Apex Legends patch.

With over 25 million players within a week of launch, Apex Legends continues to build upon its player base with incredibly positive feedback from players.

The next major gameplay update for Apex Legends is due to go live in March, meaning that it will be interesting to see whether these findings come into fruition. The success of Apex Legends should help Respawn Entertainment who are aiming to release another game later this year with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Adding that stability and performance is a key issue that will be addressed in upcoming patches. As there now isn't an in-game reporting tool in Apex Legends, the post all but notes that one will definitely be coming in the future.

My matches have been thankfully free of issues, but if you've been noticing a few crashes, this update aims to deal with that. If a player is downed, anyone can revive him or her - the catch though is that the revived player joins the team of its saviour. Once brought to China, Apex Legends could prove to be a powerful addition to Tencent's already impressive line of products, which includes Fornite and PUBG, enabling the giant to dominate battle royale games in China. It looks like the rumour points to new characters by the names of Octane and Wattson, who bring a "Stim" ability and a Tesla trap to the map.

Pressing the load button too early no longer causes the game to crash.

With Respawn / EA's latest game attraction such footfall it is only natural that the scourge of the gaming community, cheaters, have followed rather rapidly.

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