President Trump Takes Aim at Spike Lee Over Oscars Speech

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Spike Lee nearly stormed out when 'Green Book' won best picture Oscar

Donald Trump's one and only tweet on the glamorous event was to take a swipe at director Spike Lee. The date, the 24th. Referring to February as the Black History Month, he spoke about slavery and the hardships the "ancestors" have gone through to build the country. History, herstory. 1619, 2019. History. Her story. 1619. Four hundred years, our ancestors were stolen from Africa and enslaved. When EW asked the writer-director on Monday morning whether he'd seen the tweet, he nodded, then sighed. He honored Black History Month and thanked his grandmother - who he said saved up 50 years of Social Security checks to help put him through film school - before turning to politics and the upcoming presidential election. "We will have love and wisdom when we regain our humanity". It will be a powerful moment.

Later, chatting to reporters at the Vanity Fair after-party, Lee said: "Are you British?".

"Let's do the right thing! Make the moral choice between love versus hate", he said.

That was a nod to his acclaimed 1989 film, "Do the Right Thing", about simmering racial tensions in New York's Brooklyn borough.

"This is my sixth glass - and you know why", he joked.

There's a clash afoot here between two opposing forces.

Jackson reacted to Trump's sentiment of "doing the most" for African Americans by adding: 'Yeah, he's got the biggest plantation!' "They opened up the Academy to make the Academy look more like America". However, all eyes were on Lee now that his losing streak at the Oscars was finally broken.

It is unclear exactly what part of Lee's speech Trump interpreted as "racist".

When his name was called, Lee bounded to the stage in his purple suit - a tribute to Prince - wearing rings that said "LOVE" on one hand and "HATE" on the other.

President Trump attacked "BlacKkKlansman" director Spike Lee after the acclaimed filmmaker delivered an Oscar ceremony speech that apparently urged voters to throw Trump out of office in the 2020 election.

"Trump reacts in anger to an Oscar speech, again".

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