Now you can unsend messages in Facebook Messenger

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After the 10 minutes is up, users will only be able to remove a message from their own chat, which leaves it visible to everyone else in the chat.

Whether it's a behind the back bitch accidentally thrown right in the victim's face, a drunken insult that will land you in your manager's office on Monday morning, or a picture your gran should never have to see, there has previously been no remedy. Well, fortunately it's really easy - considering you don't have long to get that messaged wiped.

TL;DR Facebook is releasing a feature through which users can delete messages sent through Messenger.

Following this report, Facebook announced previous year that it would publicly launch the feature for its users, though did not specify a launch date.

Social media giant Facebook is reportedly building a unified messaging for business feature that will allow companies to access and manage Instagram Direct messages alongside Facebook Messenger messages. A representative also confirmed that deleted messages will eventually be removed from Facebook's servers permanently, but it will be retained for "a limited amount of time" just in case someone wants to report abuse.

It imposed a stricter limit on how many times a message could be forwarded to individuals or groups, in response to what it said was "misinformation and rumours" on the platform.

Facebook has finally followed through with plans to give users the ability to unsend messages, a feature it promised after Facebook admitted it had deleted CEO Mark Zuckerberg's messages from recipients' inboxes. Fellow messaging service WhatsApp - which is also owned by Facebook - also has an "unsend" tool. Facebook Messenger already provides a Secret Conversations function that has encrypted end to end, but few consumers know about it.

Facebook said Wednesday it started rolling out a feature that lets 1.3 billion users of its Messenger app remove messages on the platform.

Today, Facebook announced that the new unsend option is now rolling out to the Messenger app on Android and iOS.

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