New measles cases discovered in Houston amid outbreaks elsewhere

Tribune editorial Don’t fall for anti-vax scare campaigns

Two Highly Contagious Cases of Measles Reported in Connecticut

Before widespread use of the vaccine, measles led to more than 2 million deaths a year, according to WHO.

Just watch the (reputable) news: Measles is making a disturbing resurgence, with Washington state and NY experiencing the worst outbreaks in decades (there are almost 50 confirmed cases in Washington and more than 200 in New York).

We know parents want to help their children.

That might mean the Oregon Legislature should tighten the rules on who is allowed to opt out of immunizations.

OR has the nation's highest statewide vaccine exemption rates, and some communities have rates that are even higher.

The World Health Organization has advised Filipino parents to have their children vaccinated against measles, as the number of cases of the disease increased by an alarming 367 percent.

Also in 2017, The Columbian newspaper reported that 22 percent of kindergarten students had not completed their required immunizations when they started school that year. In the United States, we helped develop content for a new mobile app created to give moms high-quality information about vaccines tailored to their attitudes and beliefs about vaccination. Washington's exemption rate, although lower, is also high when compared with other states.

She also acknowledges that it can be hard for parents to navigate the amount of information available online and that misinformation and fear about vaccines have spread widely. If someone had, today we'd have headlines about outbreaks of polio in some nearby community, and editorials like this one asking people to please, please get their kids immunized against polio. If you are not sure if you are immune to measles, you can get a blood test to find out. Please don't give measles to babies. "The science is completely clear that childhood vax are not only good because they prevent all of these awful illnesses, but they are also completely safe". It's about people who don't believe the scientists making decisions for other people's children.

They are 12 months old through preschool-aged and have documentation of one MMR vaccine.

Measles usually manifests as a combination of high fever, as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit, along with what is known as the three Cs: cough, coryza (another word for runny nose), and conjunctivitis or pink eye, Sammons explained. It will also add a rash and spots similar to chicken pox, but more severe cases can get to the brain and lungs, causing infections. The best protection against measles is the vaccine.

Prior to the vaccine, measles caused approximately 450 to 500 deaths each year in the United States. One dose is 93% effective in preventing illness, and two doses gets that number up to 97%.

The rest are pre-teens and teenagers except for two adults.

The reluctance or refusal to vaccinate despite the availability of vaccines is popularly called by health experts as "vaccine hesitancy" - and this threatens to reverse the progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Oregon Legislature needs to act. Sen.

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