"NBA Dunk Contest Madness As Contestant Dunks Over 7'1" Shaq

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And the runner-up left a victor, too.

Seth Curry didn't get out of the first round. He says he was 'just out here trying to have fun. "That's how I had it in my head anyway".

On Collins' second dunk he brought out a mini-replica of the Wright Brothers plane, went with some "first in flight" gear, and...he clipped the plane but made the dunk. The first player to make the top-of-the-key three-pointer wins. "And it's certainly something that I'll remember for a long time".

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum won the Skills Challenge with a game-winning shot two strides over halfcourt, taking down Atlanta Hawks rookie point guard Trae Young.

"Trae was already ahead of me", Tatum said.

"But it still worked out for the best".

When the skills challenge and 3-point contest cleared the floor, that left the dunkers.

Oklahoma City's Hamidou Diallo was crowned the NBA's slam dunk champion for 2019 after defeating the New York Knicks' Dennis Smith Jr in the final round. After declaring he wanted to jump over the biggest person in the building, Diallo had Shaq stand in front of the rim, jumped over him, then executed a Vince Carter-esque elbow hang. And after a first attempt that didn't go, the second dunk was certainly something special.

Turns out, Smith Jr. beat Diallo to the punch for his final dunk idea - jumping over future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade.

In the final, Diallo had to sweat a little more, but not because of anything he did wrong.

The next round wasn't as extravagant but just as poised, when he was fed the ball from rapper Quavo to seal the deal.

"Atmosphere was great", said Diallo, who ripped his jersey to reveal a Superman t-shirt after leaping over Shaq.

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