Here’s how you can stop Facebook from tracking your location

Android users can now disable background location sharing with Facebook

Facebook Now Gives You More Granular Control Over Location Tracking on Android

The new privacy settings will enable Android users to opt out of location tracking when they aren't actively using the app and have greater control over how much of their location data is saved by the social media giant. When it comes to iOS, Apple already allows it, users, to select whether an app can use your location in the background or not so this feature is not launched for them. Android users had an all or nothing option, meaning if location tracking is enabled, Facebook will always be tracking you even when the app is closed.

If you use Google Photos to backup your images and videos, then Files will let you know which ones are safe to delete from your device, plus there's also clean-up facilities for popular apps like WhatsApp. Starting August of 2018, all new applications submitted to Google Play were required to target Android 8.0 Oreo (API level 26) or higher, while updates to existing applications submitted after November 2018 would also have to target API level 26.

Now with a simple toggle button, you can deny or approve if the app can access your location or not.

Now, that has changed as Facebook has introduced a new setting called the Background Location Setting. Currently, Facebook's Android app offers a single on/off switch for location services. "DrainerBot-infected apps can cost users hundreds of dollars in unnecessary data charges while wasting their batteries and slowing their devices".

The company says that with the update, it's not collecting any new information or changing the choices a user previously made. Let's have a look at what the new TutuApp v3.2.6 for Android have to offer to users in terms of new features and improvements over its previous release.

You'll be directed to the Location Access settings where you'll see Background Location. It goes without saying that TutuApp also provides access to all freeware apps also. It will remain off even for those who never turned it on in the first place. On Android 9 Pie, you can find this by going to Settings Network and Internet Data Usage App Data Usage.

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