White Sox add another Manny Machado friend

MLB Rumors Bryce Harper could actually return to Washington Nationals

MLB Rumors Bryce Harper could actually return to Washington Nationals

While the Yankees did sign Troy Tulowitzki for the league minimum, this does not rule them out on Machado.

Since the Yankees are not in on Bryce Harper (by all appearances, at least), Machado going elsewhere would probably slightly help a dark horse like the Cubs on Harper. The Philadelphia franchise will meet Harper face-to-face for the first time Saturday, but their main focus, however, was said to be Machado. The Nats reportedly have followed with another offer worth "much more" than $300 million, but other rumors suggest Harper is OK with waiting for an offer he deems suitable.

Finally, all we can do as fans is await the decision, and hopefully Mr. Levine is correct and it will come sooner rather than later.

Washington Post sports columnist Barry Svrluga made the case Thursday for the Nationals to give Harper a 10-year contract. Mark Feinsand of MLB.com also reported that the Phils are ramping up their efforts for Machado.

There is under five weeks left before spring training begins and two of the most sought after free agents - Harper and Manny Machado - are yet to make a decision on their next destination. As far as the value of the contract, it's unknown, but it is believed Machado could receive between $25-$28 million annually, Levine adds.

This long free agency process may be drawing to a merciful close soon, hopefully in Philadelphia's favor.

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