Manny Pacquiao defeats Adrien Broner by unanimous decision

A step at a time for Pacquiao in Las Vegas return

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The telecast starts at 6 oclock in the evening from Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the end, it was a wipeout, though the judges did give Broner some love in scoring the fight 117-111, 116-112 and 116-112.

Pacquiao vs Broner: Whos is your money on this evening?

It was Pacquiao's first fight since turning 40 years old. Our strategy we user a lot and we did a lot in the training camp for this victory.

'I don't believe my career is over.

MANILA, Philippines-The idea of Manny Pacquiao running for the presidency of the Philippine has been floating around since the boxing icon became a senator in 2016.

"I beat him", Broner said with a straight face.

Pacquiao almost knocked his opponent down again in the ninth when he delivered a clean left hook to Broner's chin that knocked him back. "I'm willing to fight again with Floyd Mayweather if he's willing to come back to boxing". His best only showed in jab percentage as he hit 11 times in only 115 he had thrown on Pacquiao (10-percent). Pacquiao began to tee off on Broner, who resorted to clinches and collar tie-ups to survive. Broner never landed more than seven punches in any round. "I proved it in my last fight against (Lucas Matthysse) and now proved it again".

About the only person in attendance who disagreed with the outcome was Broner (33-4-1), who protested the result emphatically in his post fight interview. Pacquiao (61-7-2, 39 KOs) hurt Broner with a combo of punches to the head in the seventh and had him reeling against the ropes. Pacquiao connected on 112 of 568 and Broner landed 50 of 295. Broner covered up and retreated, only to be buzzed again by follow-up punches.

By the final few rounds, Broner looked to be in survival mode, more interested in hearing the final bell than trying to win the fight.

Pacquiao eased off in the eighth but peaked again in the ninth.

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