Iowa debut trip for potential 2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren

Watch: Democrat Elizabeth Warren releases powerful video announcing 2020 US presidential bid

Sen. Warren reveals beer of choice after Instagram video goes viral

The 69-year-old has been widely panned for her New Year's Eve Instagram livestream where she popped open a beer and swigged it as if the former Harvard law professor was one of the cool kids on campus.

The Massachusetts senator touted her middle-class upbringing, long career outside politics and experience reigning in big banks. "It's not enough to just to talk the talk, we've got to be willing to get out and walk the walk", said Warren.

President Trump on Thursday took to Twitter to once again mock Sen.

When Elizabeth Warren walks into a gray-walled event space in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on Friday evening, she will effectively kick off a presidential primary contest that is already making Democrats' heads spin. But the party may have moved on from the once-hyped future party leader. They were meant to give Warren a chance to speak to larger audiences and allow her team to begin logging names and contact information for those interested in more information. Will Warren become the first female president to lead the nation?

In October, Warren revealed the results of a Stanford DNA test showing that she likely had a Native American ancestor between six and 10 generations back.

In response to her announcement, President Donald Trump had stated that he would love to run against her, but also stated some other pleasant remarks.

In that light, her latest spectacle may play right into an unpleasant stereotype-or it could be a cry for help. "Native Americans are one such group".

"Following Warren's announcement [that she was forming an exploratory committee], more than a dozen sought-after Democratic activists in New Hampshire said they had concerns about her candidacy in interviews with the Globe", the paper continued.

'I'm in this fight because I understand what's happening to working families, ' she said outside her home near Boston, standing alongside her husband, Bruce Mann.

She went on to tell of her visit to the southern border, where she saw detention camps holding migrants who had tried to cross into the United States from Mexico. "She is just not relating well to people other than those who just deeply agree with her".

On immigration, the issue that has drawn the US government to a halt, Warren spoke of a trip to the border she recently took. But that was before Senator Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, almost won the Iowa caucus with his populist message, and, this time around, the state's progressives already seem to be dividing their loyalties.

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