Future speaks on R. Kelly sex abuse scandal

R. Kelly performs at the BET Awards in Los Angeles in June 2013. A Georgia man involved with a recent documentary detailing abuse allegations against R. Kelly told police the singer’s manager threatened him. A Stockbridge police report says Timothy Sava

R. Kelly Under Investigation in Georgia Following New Documentary's Abuse Allegations: Report

According to a Georgia police report first obtained by CBS 46, Timothy Savage (pictured above, insert) says he received a series of harassing texts and phone calls from Don Russell because he participated in the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly where he spoke about his daughter Jocelyn.

Foxx said she was "sickened" by the accounts described in the "Surviving R. Kelly" Lifetime television series, but said she has not - and can not - open a criminal probe in the absence of cooperating witnesses.

Kelly has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Foxx called a press conference to make it known that she is willing to look into opening an investigation, but needs the unknown accusers and their families to come forward.

According to entertainment sites TMZ and The Blast, R. Kelly is being actively investigated by the district attorney in Georgia's Fulton County, where the singer owns a home.

R. Kelly is now under investigation in Fulton County, GA and Chicago police need witnesses and victims before they can move forward with any legal action.

Timothy Savage told an officer on January 3 that Don Russell had texted him saying it would be best for him and his family if the documentary didn't air, according to a Henry County police report.

It's unclear if the Chicago caller actually thought there was an arrest warrant out for R. Kelly, or if they were just trying to scare him. She said that so far, families of two alleged victims have come forward.

But Foxx also said there's no active investigation of Kelly and launching one would require victims and witnesses.

While no charges have now been brought in Kelly's other residence of Chicago, Cook County state attorney Kim Foxx held a press conference on Tuesday to encourage any victims to "please come forward".

Her father says they haven't heard from her in about two years.

However, a representative for McGee has denied that she has been contacted by authorities.

In February 2002, a 27-minute video surfaced that showed a man purported to be Kelly engaged in sex acts involving an underage girl.

Timothy also responded to critics who said he and his wife took Joycelyn to Kelly for help with a singing career, even though there were already allegations against him.

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