Egg beats out Kylie Jenner for most liked Instagram photo



The egg image by user world_record_egg was first posted on Jan 4 with the message: "Let's set a world record together.".

Here is the Instagram egg in all its glory, now with 30 million likes and steadily increasing. "Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)!" the caption of the egg photo reads.

The egg image knocked this cute photo off the top spot.

So if you're wanting to get in on this egg-streme world-record, you may want to scramble and like the egg-splosive viral photo.

After publishing the photo on January 4, the egg steadily gained traction with 9 million likes by Sunday morning.

Kylie Jenner, who is just 21 years old and a mother of one, is the creator of a $900 million cosmetics empire.

Round, speckled, and impressively lit, the seed surpassed Kylie Jenner's unnervingly popular photo of newborn daughter Stormi Webster gripping Jenner's thumb. Whatever happens, we're just excited to see just what photo has the power to dethrone the egg.

Kylie's response has only managed to pick up 2.7 million likes so far, so the egg is safe as the champion for a little while yet.

In a subsequent post on Instagram Stories, the account teased official merchandise. Its only goal was to get more likes than Jenner. When can we get our hands on egg merch?

Bless you 2019, this is the content we need and also deserve, and I'm going to be FURIOUS if this end up being some marketing ploy for anything but Big Egg.

For now, Kylie seems to be taking the news quite well, poking fun at her creeping irrelevance by reposting a video of that time she tried to fry an egg on a pavement.

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