Democrat Kamala Harris announces presidential run

Kamala Harris campaign

Kamala Harris campaign

Harris joins what is expected to be a large and diverse field for the Democratic Party, featuring many nonwhite and female presidential candidates, and made her announcement on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tulsi Gabbard, John Delaney and Julian Castro are among those who have also announced their intentions to run. The future of the country depends on you, and millions of others, lifting our voices to fight for our American values.

In her new autobiography, "The Truths we Hold", the 54-year-old lawyer and former prosecutor touches only briefly on her time growing up in Canada's snowy climes - she writes that being away from home reinforced her love for the country she now aspires to lead. Harris has also planned a campaign rally on Sunday in Oakland, where she was born.

Juan Rodriguez, who ran her 2016 Senate campaign, will manage her presidential bid.

Smith says he can see the influence the city had on Harris through her politics.

During her last visit to Iowa, Harris fondly recalled her days campaigning for her longtime friend Barack Obama in 2008 when she was the relatively unknown district attorney of San Francisco.

"It makes me nervous", Sessions said.

I'm running for president. That is, if she manages to avoid imploding on the campaign trail, or if people avoid getting epileptic fits watching her campaign videos.

In her first remarks after announcing her presidential campaign, Harris described the criminal justice system as "horribly flawed" and in need of change.

In 2014, as the AG for California, Harris issued recommendations to small and mid-sized businesses in the state to help protect against and respond to malware, data breaches, and other cyber crimes.

The California senator's logo is a nod to Shirley Chisholm, the first woman and African American to seek the nomination for president in a major political party, in 1972.

She said the White House prevented the FBI from investigating critical aspects of the allegations or interviewing key witnesses.

Apart from being a typical tax-and-spend liberal who supports the sort of economic policies that have kept black America down for decades, Kamala Harris is also a pro-abortion extremist despite the devastating impact abortions have on the African American community.

Although the people of California overwhelmingly voted to define marriage as between one man and one woman in Proposition 8, Harris - then California attorney general - refused to defend the law.

During an emotional exchange between Harris and Professor Christine Blasey Ford, Harris said she believed Ford and praised her courage for coming forward. She has only been in the Senate for two years and is now little-known among the general public.

Harris, 54, will hold an announcement rally in Oakland on January 27, but her first campaign trip will be on Friday, when she will appear at the Alpha Kappa Alpha Pink Ice Gala in Columbia, S.C.

"I think she's a role model for all of us". Lily Adams, a Clinton campaign alum who has worked as Harris's spokeswoman, will be communications director.

The Republican National Committee criticized Harris as "the least vetted" of the Democratic candidates, calling her unqualified and out of touch. The state also moved up its primary into the first month, and anyone who wins this state will be very far along to the nomination. The campaign will be based in Baltimore, with a second office in Oakland.

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