Death date: Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 Mobile in December 2019

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"With the Windows 10 Mobile OS end of support, we recommend that customers move to a supported Android or iOS device", the company says in a FAQ about the upcoming change.

What this means for you: If you own a Windows Mobile phone, you're going to have to migrate your phone's data onto an iOS or Android device, if you haven't already. This comes from Microsoft itself on a new FAQ page surrounding the end-of-life of Windows 10 Mobile.

David Ramel is the editor of Visual Studio Magazine.

Microsoft first signaled the end of Windows 10 mobile in 2017, when it said it would no longer be developing new features and hardware for it. In the wake of the problems, Microsoft introduced a way for those testing early builds of the OS under the Windows Insider Program to flag the severity of bugs and committed to "improve our ability to prevent issues". The good news is that now Microsoft will have even more time to focus on projects that are actually important.

"And you should also be able to use [Cortana] on Google Assistant". We could repeat Microsoft's continued obstacles to rolling out the update. or we could just link to the far too many articles we've had to write about the many problems it faced.

The Smartphones which are on Windows 10 Mobile version 1709 will be receiving security patches till 10th of December and Lumia 640 along with Lumia 640 XL on version 1703 will last until June 11 this year. It hence recommended users to shift to Android or iOS devices before the deadline.

However, many reports claimed that project Andromeda is still alive despite the impending discontinuation of the Windows smartphone OS.

PC gaming nearly exclusively means Windows gaming, and for better or worse, that means Microsoft has a massive stake in the platform.

Smartphones based on Windows 10 will continue to operate even after the closure of the support, but in this case they will become a tasty morsel for hackers who will easily be able to bypass their protection system, because it is very quickly outdated and, as a effect, will be much less reliable.

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