Antonio Brown Rips Bruce Arians, Emmanuel Sanders In Weird Twitter Rant

NFL Minute: Why are the Falcons the favorites to land Antonio Brown?

Bruce Arians Says Has Antonio Brown Too Much Diva For His Liking

It was reported that he missed it due to an altercation with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

"It's disappointing, but I'm not sure how that makes you a circus".

Arians told Schefter that the Brown he's seeing today is not who he saw when the team drafted the wide receiver in 2010.

"I don't think [Antonio Brown] was a major distraction to the team up until the last weekend of the season", Rooney said.

After all that has happened over the past month, it's hard to see Antonio Brown going into training camp with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As you can see above, the hashtags are almost identical when it comes to Mikey's account and Brown's account.

Sanders said of Brown: "When Art Rooney came out and said that - it is pretty much [that] he is gone". Get off the gas yo. And let's just say Brown isn't happy with his former coach.

"I remember Mike Tomlin, one of his things was, 'I'm gonna treat everyone the same, but I'm not gonna treat everybody the same.' Meaning, if you're out here making plays and you're doing this, you're gonna have some type of leeway". And the comparison between accounts might be too much to ignore.

Still, Sanders left the door open for his ex-teammate to join him in Denver, perhaps through a trade.

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