America Blames Trump for the Shutdown, New Polls Find

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According to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS between January 10 and 11, 55 percent of Americans blame Trump for the shutdown, while 32 percent blame congressional Democrats and nine percent blame both. Functions not happening include some routine food inspections, timely release of market-moving agriculture data, and U.S. reviews needed for initial public offerings of stocks.

The South Carolina senator told "Fox News Sunday" that President Donald Trump should re-open the government so negotiations can resume on a $5.7 billion wall for the US border along Mexico. Fifty-three percent of respondents blame the president and Republicans, while 29 percent blame Democrats. See if we can get a deal. He said the president had accepted a border security package that included money for a wall, then changed his mind.

Trump described an emergency declaration as the "easy way out" and said Congress had to step up to the responsibility of approving the $5.7 billion he says is needed.

This reiterates several of his current talking points, with Trump attempting to paint a picture of democrats ignoring real issues while Government employees are left without pay and crimes occur along the southern border. He again sought to blame Democrats, who he said were "everywhere but Washington as people await their pay".

Democrats have refused further negotiations until the government is reopened in a shutdown that became the US's longest in history over the weekend.

But the Post poll also found a hardening of Republican support for a wall, with 70 per cent now saying they strongly support the wall, up from 58 per cent a year earlier.

If no agreement is reached, then the president should move to declare a national emergency, Graham said on the news program.

"The Steel Barrier, or Wall, should have been built by previous administrations long ago", he Tweeted.

House Democrats as well as a smattering of Republicans voted this week in favor of bills to reopen portions of the government.

Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, said on CNN's "State of the Union" that he'd "hate to see" an emergency declaration by Trump.

"It's not keeping people out ... it's to bring people to the worldwide ports of entry so undocumented people become documented and it's to thwart the cartels and their ability to be uninterrupted, bringing narcotics that kill our people".

"What we don't want to do is waste taxpayer money on a vanity project that's ineffective that the president said Mexico would pay for, " Kaine said.

As Friday ticked into Saturday, the shutdown passed the 21-day mark set when Bill Clinton faced a hostile Republican Congress in 1995 and 1996.

They are classed as essential employees and required to work, but many are calling in sick to protest the situation. Thirteen percent say both sides bear equal responsibility for the shutdown.

Johnson also suggested that Congress pass legislation to pay federal employees who are now working without pay.

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci told the West Block's Mercedes Stephenson that the three-week shutdown is a grudge match symbolizing the bigger ideological fight between Republicans and Democrats, but warned the country will face serious economic harm if it doesn't end soon.

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