Troops bringing Trump hats to sign may violate military rule

President Donald Trump kisses first lady Melania Trump during a hanger rally at Al Asad Air Base Iraq Wednesday Dec. 26 2018. President Donald Trump who is visiting Iraq says he has 'no plans at all&apos to remove US troops from the country

Andrew Harnik AP President Trump kisseed first lady Melania Trump during a hanger rally at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq on Wednesday

Speaking to service members, Trump said that the U.S.

Air Force One touched down at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland around 5:15 a.m.

"Trump sets new Christmas record: Finally makes first visit to combat troops", it reported, adding that "Trump's loyalty to his country has been called into question since the beginning of his presidency" because of allegations - still unfounded - of Russian Federation "collusion".

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive to speak to members of the US military during an unannounced trip to Al Asad Air Base in Iraq

Political leaders and lawmakers in Iraq are upset with President Donald Trump over his impromptu visit with US troops on Wednesday.

Katie Pavlich noted the importance of Trump remarking that he has "no plans at all" to remove any of the 5,000 US troops from that country.

This was the first time Trump has visited troops in an overseas war zone during his presidency.

Despite the secrecy that went into Trump's voyage, there were rumors circulating on social media involving a possible Trump visit to the Middle East.

First lady Melania Trump, left, and President Donald Trump stand together on stage during a hanger rally at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2018.

The article did not address the false reports in several other media organizations that Trump had no visit planned. And we got you a big one.

I'm sure we'll be hearing about it if he said anything to question the existence of Santa Claus during his visit. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced their arrival on Twitter today, sharing an image of the couple posing with members of the military.

After tweeting more than three dozen times over the last four days, Trump ceased his rapid-fire online missives on Tuesday night.

This came as Mattis wrote a resignation letter, in which he stated that Donald Trump has a right to have a secretary of defence "whose views are better aligned" with those of the United States president.

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