Rand Paul Blasts Deep State for Excluding Him from Khashoggi Briefing

Jamal Khashoggi

Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi speaks during a press conference in Manama Bahrain Feb. 1 2015

Making some of their strongest accusations so far, both Republicans and Democrats said they still want to pass legislation to send a message to Saudi Arabia that the U.S. condemns the death of Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist. Human rights groups say the war is wreaking havoc on the country and subjecting civilians to indiscriminate bombing.

For some of the 14 Republicans who supported the procedural step last week, the vote was intended as a warning shot to Trump, to inspire him to start openly condemning Mohammed or withholding military support from the Saudis.

In a blistering attack, Senator Lindsey Graham said he had "high confidence" Mohammed bin Salman was complicit in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, BBC reported. "I think temperatures are up by all involved ... so figuring out something that can pass overwhelmingly still is going to be hard because some people want to tie the Yemen piece into the Khashoggi piece".

Last week senators voted to move ahead with a resolution that could cut USA assistance for the military campaign in Yemen.

After the briefing with Haspel, South Carolina Republican Sen.

He also said that Haspel "should brief the full Senate without delay".

"Every senator should hear what I heard this afternoon", Durbin said.

Chase Thomas, executive director of the left-leaning Alliance for a Better Utah, said Stewart was continuing to blindly defend Trump at all costs.

Khashoggi was killed two months ago.

After reports that the Central Intelligence Agency concluded that the crown prince ordered Khashoggi's assassination in the Istanbul consulate on October 2, Trump warned that US-Saudi ties and oil market stability were too important to rock over the scandal.

He was killed in what United States officials have described as an elaborate plot as he visited the consulate for marriage paperwork. The kingdom implicated some of the crown prince's associates in the murder and Saudi authorities later detained several high-ranking officials. "Maybe he did and maybe he didn't!".

The fierce spat between the White House and Congress has fueled new levels of support for a resolution that would demand an end to US involvement in the war in Yemen-a push that could trigger an unprecedented showdown over the USA government's authority to wage war. "That is an accurate statement, an important statement and it is a statement that we are making publicly today". "But a complete fracture with Saudi Arabia, in my view, is not in our best interests".

Following the meeting, Mr Graham told reporters: "Saudi Arabia is a strategic ally and the relationship is worth saving, but not at all cost".

Haspel provided the closed briefing just days before the Senate is expected to begin debating a resolution to withdraw USA support for the Saudi military campaign in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has denied the crown prince was involved in the murder and blames Ahmed al-Asiri, the former deputy intelligence chief.

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