Netflix's Black Mirror Movie "Bandersnatch" — TRAILER

Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ standalone film ‘Bandersnatch’ to be released on December 28

Black Mirror Bandersnatch | Netflix

Black Mirror is back with Bandersnatch, a feature-length film with a massive twist: the story invites you to Choose Your Own Adventure.

As Buzzfeed reports, you have only a few seconds to answer, and if you don't, one will be chosen at random. Netflix says there are five ending (with variations) as well as easter eggs nestled within the show.

So what is Bandersnatch about? David Slade ("Hannibal") directed the special episode.

If audiences visit the domain, which is briefly mentioned in the first ever interactive movie, they'll find they're being recruited too - but for the streaming giant instead. In 2016, when Brooker and his team were developing the Season 4 episode "Playtest", Netflix's team suggested adding an interactive element to the episode. "It was good to come back and have an idea, but also daunting". "Like Motown, but for computer games", a man tells Stefan. Make the wrong choice, and it will cost you.

Prior to the premiere of the trailer, fans had already begun to speculate that Bandersnatch would be an upcoming installment of the popular series. However, if you've been following our coverage, you know that it may also be something more than that.

But as is classic Black Mirror, the story gets more and more complex, until viewers are forced to make awful, frightful choices. Yay! But it leaves mysterious whether viewers will have a choice in the matter in the final moments of Bandersnatch.

Missed the trailer? We don't blame you. Rather than unfolding in typical linear fashion, Bandersnatch has the viewer select options to further the narrative. You'll have to watch it for yourself!

"Black Mirror" is tackling the peak of '80s video gaming next.

If you're still in the post-Christmas, pre-New Year's holiday haze with lots of down time and a whole lot of nothing to do, you may consider turning at some point to Netflix to scratch that itch.

As you watch Bandersnatch, certain scenes will have Stefan forced to make certain choices.

"Bandersnatch" will release Friday, Dec. 28 at 3 a.m. EST on Netflix.

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