Mischievous parrot uses Amazon Alexa to order itself goodies

Parrot Uses Alexa

News An intelligent parrot used Alexa to play music and order food from Amazon Yoni Heisler

The notorious parrot was taken in by sanctuary worker Marion Wischnewski who volunteered to foster it in her home in Oxfordshire.

In an interview on the story, Wishnewski said that she was surprised to look at her Amazon shopping list and stumble across a number of items she certainly didn't order.

African grey parrots are known for their exceptionally high intelligence and mimicking skills. When left on his own at home, Rocco figures out that he can "talk" to his owner's Alexa-enabled hands-free speaker Amazon Echo.

Daily Mail reports that Rocco the parrot was recently given a new home after being removed from the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary for "cursing too much".

She said Rocco quickly started talking to her Amazon Alexa-enabled smart device, using its capabilities to tell jokes and play songs.

"They chat away to each other all day".

Some call this adorable parrot, Rocco, naughty but we think he's an innocent little bundle of joy. However, Rocco failed to stay out of trouble for long and this time he had help from his "friend" Alexa.

The African Grey has also used Alexa to buy light bulbs, a kettle and even a kite.

Fortunately, none of Rocco's orders go on to be purchased, thanks to a parental lock Wischnewski puts on the device.

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