May faces more Brexit woes after another United Kingdom minister quits

May accuses Labour of pushing Britain towards no-deal Brexit

No-deal Brexit would not be a disaster, says Fox

Former Downing Street advisor Alastair Campbell has said that a second referendum - a "People's Vote" - was the only way to get rid of Theresa May's Brexit agreement.

Brits would rather remain in the European Union (EU) than pull out and adopt PM May's proposed Brexit deal, a new poll has found.

Ms. May visited Scotland earlier to garner support for the Brexit deal, which she says, is good for all parts of the United Kingdom.

The amendment says Parliament must be able to express its view on how the government should proceed if the prime minister's plan is defeated. But if faced with the threat of a calamitous no-deal Brexit, and following a narrow Commons defeat, Mrs May might fancy testing their resolve and seeing if she can win some cosmetic changes to appease enough MPs to win a second vote.

"This is about what is in the national interest, " she said.

The Conservative MP, who campaigned for Remain, labelled negotiations over Galileo, the EU's strategic Satellite Navigation system, "a foretaste of what's to come under the government's Brexit deal".

"If this deal is rejected in the House of Commons, we are left with an alternative: no deal, or no Brexit it all, " Tusk said.

"Sadly, what we see from the Labour Party (is) their various attempts to frustrate Brexit and frustrate this vote", May told the BBC.

To fully debate only the Prime Minister's view and that of the Leader of the Opposition - views which have been televised repeatedly in recent weeks, and which are simply different versions of Brexit, whilst positioning other options on the side of the debate - would be to prevent the public benefitting from a full understanding of the options and potential outcomes facing the United Kingdom as a whole and as a result would be a severe dereliction of your public duty.

She said they were "keen" to sign free trade agreements and wanted certainty, which she pledged her deal would bring.

He added: "I think that the reactions to some of the Treasury analysis have been completely overblown". The main opposition Labour Party and a cross-party group of senior lawmakers have put forward amendments to block May's European Union withdrawal deal and to rule out a no-deal Brexit. "It says we will be able to do those trade deals, and we will be able to do them with the U.S. and others".

He warned that Brexit could be "in peril" if the agreement was voted down.

But hinting at potential further resignations from Mrs May's top team over Brexit, he added: "Members of the Cabinet who don't vote for the deal won't be members of the Cabinet".

Writing on his Facebook, the East Surrey MP said: "After careful consideration and reflection, I can not support the Government's deal and as such, I have tended my resignation as Universities and Science Minister".

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg accused the Government of an effort to "frighten and to gull (people) into acquiescing to a non-Brexit Brexit".

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